Funding Our Future: AIA Recommendations for Increasing NASA’s Budget

NASA has done great things – our robotic spacecraft have visited every planet in the solar system, we have discovered that nearly every star in the sky has its own planetary system and we have begun to understand our planet as a complex system. However, we should acknowledge that we have fallen short of our potential as a nation. Why?

AIA believes that our nation is underfunding NASA and shortchanging our future. While we’re not advocating for a return to 1960s-era funding levels of four percent of the Federal budget, we believe our investment should be substantially more than today’s 0.4%.

It is AIA’s hope that this report, based on expert analyses of aerospace and scientific priorities, will help convince Congress and the new Administration to provide more funding for NASA in a balanced and predictable way that will benefit our nation, inspire the next generation of students and help NASA and the nation to achieve its true potential.

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