The Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Revolution: AIA’s Executive Report – Winter 2017

AIA’s Winter 2017 edition of the Executive Report focuses on the important role that a strong aerospace and defense manufacturing base plays in the American economy.  The winter edition includes:

– A cover interview with AIA’s incoming Chairman of the Board of Governors and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Raytheon Company, Dr. Thomas A. Kennedy

– “The Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Revolution Steams Ahead,” a feature on the innovation and technological advancements changing the manufacturing sector

– A profile of AIA Member Rolls-Royce North America: Launching the Next Generation of Aerospace Propulsion Systems  

– A highlight of the aerospace and defense industry in Indiana, home to Rolls-Royce North America and host to the AIA 2018 Supplier Management Council

– An exclusive AIA interview with the White House’s Peter Navarro, Deputy Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy

Read the latest edition of AIA’s Executive Report here.