Young A&D Professional: Shyla Bingham

Flight Test Engineer, Systems Engineering & Development
Rolls-Royce, N.A., 5 years
B.S., Virginia Tech, Aerospace & Ocean Engineering

What do you find exciting about your area of focus or your specific job?
What’s not exciting about the exploration and discovery of our future and having a part in the making of history? I’m a flight test engineer for the Rolls-Royce LiftSystem on the F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. I work side by side with our customers in a “design, develop, test” environment where solutions to real world problems come to life. In broader terms – I love systems engineering; making sure all the small, very specific pieces are integrated. I find satisfaction in knowing the big picture, communicating it at all levels of the organization, diving into the details and learning from the subject matter experts. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle!

Why do you think young adults should consider careers in STEM?
STEM education offers a unique and valuable perspective of the world we live in. It also offers endless career opportunities! It is applicable across many industries and everyday life, providing you with useful skills to tackle just about any problem you may encounter. You will never get bored with a STEM background.