Young A&D Professional: Vincenzo Miale

Electrical Engineer
Rockwell Collins, 1 Year
BS, Florida Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering

When did you first decide to take STEM courses and/or pursue a career in engineering?

I decided to pursue a career in engineering during my last year of high school. My passion for understanding how everything works was the first reason pushing me towards this decision; I would often take things apart to see what was inside and try to comprehend the functionality of the different pieces. The second reason was my love for a good challenge, because that is what engineers do – solve problems using our knowledge and creativity.

Why do you like your job?

I work with airplane radios and I love that my job gives me the opportunity to interact with both hardware and software. Every day we find new challenges, so we get to implement new solutions and improve designs and processes. It is also very exciting to know that most planes flying today are currently communicating using the radios that we have successfully designed and tested.

Anything else you’d like to provide that you think would encourage someone to consider a STEM career? Any advice to young students wanting to pursue a career in engineering and enter the aerospace industry?

To pursue a career in engineering, you must have a passion for knowledge. It does not have to burn like fire, but it should definitely be there. Also, I will not say that engineering is easy, but it is not as hard as it may seem. You have to dedicate yourself and work hard like in any other field, join engineering projects, and little by little you will understand and dominate it. At the end, engineering opens the door to new possibilities and innovations that could literally help you change the world.