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Space Systems Reports

Earth Observation Report

The Aerospace Industries Association takes great pride in our member companies’ work in support of the space-based Earth observations capabilities that NASA, NOAA, the U.S. Geological Survey, and other government agencies put to use on behalf of our nation and people worldwide. Today, as this report details, space-based Earth observations are critical to saving lives in the event of natural disasters, improving […]

The New American Space Age

Across the government and private sectors, more vehicles are now being built for human spaceflight than at any other point in history. Today’s NASA human spaceflight program is an ecosystem of diverse activity – developing both exploration systems and commercial transportation services. These elements are strategically linked to one another and vital to the success of the overall human […]

Easing the Burden: Reducing the cost of national security space capabilities

For more than five decades, our national security space assets have grown tremendously more capable and essential to our nation’s armed forces and national security decision makers. They are invaluable for keeping our military second to none. Unfortunately, the space sector – as the Pentagon noted in the 2011 National Security Space Strategy – is increasingly becoming congested, competitive and […]

Space In Our World

This report highlights the need for space systems to be recognized as a national infrastructure priority becasue space systems and thier benefits have become an irreplaceable force for good in our nation and our world.

Building and Maintaining Value in the National Security Space Industrial Base

Space systems are increasingly providing an unprecedented level of critical national security capability to the U.S. and our warfighters. Yet these systems are often highly complex and not without substantial cost to the taxpayer. In light of growing pressure on federal government budgets it will be important to ensure that our nation maintains a strong […]

Space Brochure: Maintain U.S. Global Leadership in Space

U.S. space efforts — civil, commercial and national security — drive our nation’s competitiveness, economic growth and innovation. To maintain U.S. preeminence in this sector and to allow space to act as a technological driver for current and future industries, our leadership must recognize space as a national priority and robustly fund its programs.

Funding Our Future: AIA Recommendations for Increasing NASA’s Budget

NASA has done great things – our robotic spacecraft have visited every planet in the solar system, we have discovered that nearly every star in the sky has its own planetary system and we have begun to understand our planet as a complex system. However, we should acknowledge that we have fallen short of our potential as a nation. […]

Engine for Growth: Analysis and Recommendations for U.S. Space Industry Competitiveness

Having a strong domestic space industry is crucial to our nation’s economic vitality and security. The U.S. space industry, which U.S. government national security and civil space programs increasingly depend upon, generates innovative solutions, export revenues and high technology jobs for our citizens, while underpinning our security in ways that are seldom understood by the […]

2017 Facts & Figures

Today, America’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is a thriving sector that embodies the best of our nation. Whether making our country more secure and globally competitive, enhancing aviation safety, extending the horizons of exploration and research, or driving the edge of innovation, the A&D industry is at the core of American economic strength and prosperity. The 2017 Facts […]

2018 Facts & Figures

2017 was a very strong year for the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. As you’ll see in the pages that follow, the companies that make up A&D – from manufacturers and designers to suppliers and service providers – are playing a significant and transformative role in the American and global economies. The A&D industry plays a critical role in securing America’s […]