National Security Policy

AIA’s National Security Policy Division is responsible for the implementation of national security policy-related goals stemming from the AIA strategic plan. To do this, the division uses two councils to direct analysis and action on all national security policy related issues, the Defense Policy Council and the Acquisition Policy Council. The Defense Policy Council is composed of senior representatives from AIA’s corporate membership and is responsible for defense policy, budget, resources, and strategy. The Acquisition Policy Council is comprised of the senior corporate contracts Vice Presidents of the major Executive Committee companies and is the primary coordination point for initial input development of acquisition topics for executive-level meetings with DOD.

Research Papers

Acquisition Rebalancing: Recommendations for Smart, Efficient & Effective Defense Procurement

July 10, 2014 The Department of Defense (DOD) must change how it acquires weapon systems and services. There is growing recognition from DOD leadership, Congress and the defense industry that it is time to revise the overly complex and burdensome system that drives unnecessary cost into programs and will soon make them unaffordable as defense budgets decline. Making the acquisition system more […]

Defense Research & Development: From the Warfighter to American Consumers, Redefining Everyday Lives Through Innovation

March 31, 2014 Federal investments in science and technology research and development are threatened by the current budget environment. The Aerospace Industries Association is embarking on an education effort to inform policymakers, elected leaders and the American public on the impact of federal R&D dollars on the innovations that redefine our everyday lives. This report – the first in a […]

Restoring Balance in the Defense Acquisition System

March 11, 2014 Over the past quarter century, more than 300 commissions and studies have produced a variety of recommendations – some of which have become law – to change the way the U.S. military develops and buys new weapons systems. Yet the Department of Defense acquisition system continues to take longer and deliver less […]

Easing the Burden: Reducing the cost of national security space capabilities

February 27, 2014 For more than five decades, our national security space assets have grown tremendously more capable and essential to our nation’s armed forces and national security decision makers. They are invaluable for keeping our military second to none. Unfortunately, the space sector – as the Pentagon noted in the 2011 National Security Space Strategy – is increasingly […]

Councils and Committees


John Luddy

Vice President, National Security Policy

Jason Timm

Director, Defense Policy & Integration

Ryan Ouimette

Director, Acquisition Policy