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The Technical Operations Council is responsible for addressing policies related to technical program management, industrial base, operations, quality assurance and engineering that impact the A & D industry within the scope of research, engineering, development, test, manufacturing, quality, material management, product support, information transfer, and safety aspects of producing aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles. The TOC operates through its committees to ensure AIAs Strategic directives are being fulfilled and resources are used effectively. The TOC engages with government peers to be current on relevant policy and advocate on behalf of industry. In addition, the TOC promotes the development, growth and adoption of industry standards and standardization practices through AIA’s National Aerospace Standards program.

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2017 Goals

* Advocate for technology investment and government funding that support shared pre-competitive research and support innovation, technical capabilities, and a robust workforce throughout the supply chain

* Support legislation and acquisition policy that protect intellectual property while fostering architecture standards that promote innovation opportunities for all stakeholders

* Work with our customers to support digital transformation of the ecosystem through model-based development practices and standards

Councils & Committees