Stepping Up to Support Our Workforce and Communities

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our members and the entire aerospace and defense industry have been focused on supporting our employees, our communities, and companies of all sizes in our supply chain.

From providing free applications that enhance communication for health care professionals and first responders, to developing new designs for ventilators, to delivering personal protective equipment from the other side of the world, and creating medical-grade face shields, A&D has stepped up to support the public health response when and where possible. As the pandemic progresses, we’ll continue to share stories of the A&D industry stepping up as part of a weekly series.

Just take a look at some of the incredible stories of our industry’s response to support our communities and our country:

L3Harris Technologies: Kurt ‘The CyberGuy’ Knutsson highlights the unsung tech heroes help frontline during pandemic

L3Harris Technology is providing its BeOn app for to healthcare workers and first responders, which turns any device into a secure radio system to help strengthen communications and support patient response methods.

The Boeing Company: Boeing Dreamlifter Transports 1.5M Face Masks for COVID-19 Response

To support healthcare workers in South Carolina, the Boeing Company delivered 1.5 million medical-grade face masks from overseas on its Dreamlifter and ecoDemonstrator aircraft.

Raytheon Technologies: Raytheon Technologies Donates PPE to Help First Responders, Health Care Workers

Raytheon Technologies donated over $3 million worth of personal protective equipment to the men and women on the front lines fighting COVID-19 in Connecticut.

Lockheed Martin: Lockheed Martin Reaffirms Commitment to Suppliers and Communities as COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Continues

Lockheed Martin has continued hiring, supported the A&D supply chain through accelerated payments, donated PPE to healthcare workers across the country, and more.

Northrop Grumman: Supporting Our Suppliers through COVID-19

Northrop Grumman is accelerating payments to suppliers across the U.S. to help aerospace and defense small businesses overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virgin Orbit: Richard Branson’s rocket company Virgin Orbit to begin mass producing ventilators

Virgin Orbit partnered with universities in California and Texas to develop and produce a new ventilator for patients across the country.

Elbit Systems, Inc: Elbit America partners with NH shampoo manufacturer for hand sanitizer

Elbit Systems partnered with Evolve Salon Systems, a shampoo producer, in New Hampshire to create hand sanitizer for their essential employees.

Mercury Systems: COVID-19 Response Programs

Mercury Systems is supporting its employees through a $1 million COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund, delivering meals to 400+ Mercury families, and supporting the heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight through donating 1,700 gift cards through their employee “Thank a Health Worker” program.

Spirit AeroSystems: Vyaire Medical and Spirit AeroSystems Partner to Greatly Increase Ventilator Production in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Spirit AeroSystems is partnering with Vyaire Medical to build critical care ventilators at a converted facility in Wichita, Kan. The partnership will help the companies quickly ramp up production of critical care ventilators to help in our fight against COVID-19.

General Dynamics’ Bath Iron Works: Bath Iron Works donates 3,200 N95 masks to MaineHealth to fight coronavirus

Bath Iron Works, whose parent company is General Dynamics, is helping support healthcare workers at home by donating N95 masks to MaineHealth.