Aerospace & The Future of Cities

No one knows better than local leaders that America’s infrastructure is severely outdated, contributing to record congestion, growing environmental concerns, and people spending more time in their vehicles than ever before.

But with the emergence of new technologies, including drones and Urban Air Mobility (UAM), there’s potential relief on the horizon for cities of the future. These technologies will change the way goods are delivered, services are performed, and people move within, between, and to cities. It may seem like the world of the Jetsons is a part of the distant future, but drone deliveries are already taking place in many cities, and there are over 200 UAM vehicle designs and test flights already in progress.

For cities, infrastructure investment must go beyond repairing roads and improving airports. Today’s mayors and local officials must prepare for these technologies of tomorrow that will revolutionize our world.

Read our report, “What’s Next for Aerospace and Defense: A Vision for 2050,” for our analysis of these technologies and how they’ll be part of our communities by 2050. It’s a glimpse of tomorrow, if we act today.

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