Vision 2050

What’s Next for Aerospace and Defense: A Vision for 2050

For over 100 years, the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry has moved, connected, secured, explored, and inspired the world. From the first time humans took flight to our journey to the Moon and beyond, the innovations and achievements of the A&D industry have shaped modern life. To mark AIA’s Centennial, we partnered with McKinsey & Company and worked with industry leaders and experts to develop a vision of the A&D industry’s impact on society in 2050. These men and women are the very people imagining, developing, and investing in the revolutionary technologies that will change the way we work, move, and communicate tomorrow.

It’s impossible to perfectly predict the next 30 years, but these experts have painted a remarkable picture of the potential of 2050. Drones will deliver packages across the country. Artificial Intelligence will be widespread. Air Taxis will be a part of everyday commutes. Supersonic flight will get passengers around the world in half the time. There’s even the potential to tour the stars aboard a commercial spacecraft. But for the A&D industry to make this optimistic vision a reality, company leaders and players across the value chain will need to take actions that enable progress, some more complex than others. These choices today will affect both the size of the opportunity and how quickly a technology might be widely adopted. Read our report, “What’s Next for Aerospace and Defense: A Vision for 2050,” for a glimpse into the future and our analysis of the potential uses of these technologies and the extent to which they’ll be part of our everyday lives by 2050.

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Vision 2050: The Way to What's Next

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Vision 2050: Augmented Reality Mural

Step into the year 2050 with our augmented reality experience. Click on the image above and scan the QR code to bring the future to life through our Augmented Reality mural. Take your picture alongside a supersonic jet travelling from D.C. to London or a commercial spacecraft touring the stars. Be sure to share your photos to social media using #WaytoWhatsNext