What’s Next for AIA

Every day for over 100 years, our industry has moved, connected and secured the modern world.

And every day for over 100 years, it’s paved the way to the world of tomorrow.

This year, AIA marks a century of representing the industry that has shaped modern life from the moment we first touched the skies.

As we thought about how to celebrate the American aerospace and defense industry during AIA’s centennial year, we knew that we needed to re-energize our communications to tell stories of impact, innovation, and inspiration as they’re meant to be told: through video and personal stories, with imagery and digital executions.

We’re starting today by introducing a new brand theme, “The Way to What’s Next,” that emphasizes that aerospace and defense is always paving the way to the future. Our technologies and products are how the world moves, connects, and explores today and into the future.   

From a new logo with a modern look to revitalized materials and social channels, we’re working with our partner, The Boston Group, to ensure that AIA’s brand is strong, clean, and built to highlight the imagery that makes A&D so awe-inspiring. After all, we’ve got the best views in the universe.

AIA logos through the years

From our beginnings as the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce to now, the A&D industry has undergone incredible transformation. In 2019, we are civil aviation, defense, and space. Our platforms move on land, navigate the seas, cross the skies, explore the universe and connect people across the globe. Our members include manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers. And every year, as technologies advance, so do the possibilities. Our new logo reflects this.

In coming weeks and months, you’ll see a streamlined, more intuitive website; communications collateral that’s striking and effective; a look back at AIA’s history; and, new content that brings to life how widespread—and essential—A&D technologies are. Together, these elements will elevate the industry’s accomplishments and underscore the importance of our work.

Later in the year, we’ll paint for you a vision of tomorrow, from the men and women who are imagining it and building it today. And we’ll lay out what needs to happen for that future to become a reality.

Whether you’re a policymaker, reporter, student, member of our workforce, or potential recruit, we’ll be working hard this year to show that aerospace and defense is the way to change the world.

We hope you’ll connect with us online through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, or sign up for our announcements and check back regularly.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next…