Women’s History Month Q&A: Sara Kennedy, Cubic Corporation

Sara Kennedy
Contracts Administrator
Cubic Corporation

How did you get your start in the aerospace and defense industry?

When I was in law school, I quickly had the realization that while I found the work interesting, I didn’t want to use my education in the traditional way.  After law school I immediately started looking at careers that would challenge me and allow me to use my education.  San Diego is a hub for the Aerospace and Defense industry, so I started looking for opportunities to get into government contracts and was lucky to get such an opportunity.

Describe your roles and responsibilities at your company:

In my current role I am the sole contracts person for the product lines I support. I assist with the agreements, quotes/proposals, negotiations, and contract administration.  I am also the San Diego chapter leader of the Cubic Women’s Employee Resource Group (CWIN).  In this role, I lead the meetings and events for our San Diego location.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I truly enjoy being part of a team and being able to support the department and company in our overall goals.   

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration has always been helping others and making a difference in the world, no matter how big or small.  I enjoy being able to help people and make their day a little easier or better, even if it is as small as answering a question or connecting them with the appropriate person for assistance. Outside of work I like to be involved in my community and am a volunteer at a local dog rescue.  

Why is diversity and inclusion meaningful to you?

Diversity and inclusion are important to me because it means that every person gets an equal opportunity in the work place.  It also means that each person is treated with respect and valued for the work they do.

What advice to you have for students considering a career in aerospace and defense?

For anyone considering joining this industry I recommend taking any and every opportunity you can find to learn more. The aerospace and defense industry is such a unique industry and there is a lot to learn.  It is incredibly beneficial to know about the areas outside of the role you want to work in.  It is also a small industry so in taking those opportunities and networking you are more likely to find someone that can help you get started in your career.