AIA Urges Budget Committees to Raise Defense Caps

On Wednesday, AIA President and CEO Marion Blakey wrote to the House and Senate Budget Committees strongly urging them to increase national security funding in the fiscal year 2016 budget resolution process. 

"Military leaders have been sounding the alarm over the past several years, and we urge Congress not to ignore these assessments.  Recent actions in Russia, North Korea, and the Middle East pose increasing national security threats to our nation, threats that require a well-trained, high-morale military force with state-of-the-art equipment and protective gear.  A fiscal year 2016 budget that is 21 percent below the identified need will only accelerate today’s readiness problems and bring us perilously close to what Vietnam-era military leaders still refer to as the 'hollow force.'  If America retreats from the world stage, others will rush in to fill the gap," the letter stated.

AIA's request is consistent with recommendations of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, made in writing to their respective budget committees earlier this month.  The House Budget Committee is expected to consider its budget plan the week of March 16, with the Senate following by the end of March.  AIA urges its members to contact their Congressional representatives to let them know how the national security reductions are affecting our industry and threaten our nation's ability to carry out our national security strategy.

Read AIA's letter to the House and Senate Budget Committees.

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