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AIA’s Role

Multiple times a year, AIA showcases American aerospace and defense on a global stage at international air shows and trade shows.  

Focusing on the shows with the largest footprints, including Paris, Farnborough, Dubai, and Singapore, AIA emphasizes our member companies’ best-in-class aircraft, advanced equipment, and technology. You can also find us at the Avalon Airshow in Australia, the Berlin Airshow in Germany, and more. 

Through our international air show presence, AIA helps strengthen international defense and commercial cooperation and partnerships; build relationships between our member companies and their customers, government stakeholders, service providers, and suppliers; and tell the story of the American aerospace and defense industry to a global audience. 

Representing the best of American aerospace to the world

American manufacturers continue to be the partner of choice across all sectors of the aerospace and defense industry, and AIA reinforces this message on the world platform. AIA showcases American innovation and excellence in the aerospace and defense industry. 

AIA’s Operations Center serves as a hub for the American presence at international air shows — a place for AIA members, government officials, media representatives, and beyond to connect.  

It’s also where you can see U.S. military aircraft on full and brilliant display — showcasing the incredible capabilities that no other country has to offer. AIA hosts the U.S. military aircrew — the servicemembers who fly, operate, and represent the equipment at the show.  

US Pavillion
Paris Ribbon cutting

Bringing American industry and government to the table

Air shows provide meaningful opportunities for industry leaders to collaborate and network with government customers and stakeholders. Through our series of signature roundtables, AIA members engage with senior U.S. government officials on key topics ranging from sustainability to space commercialization to defense trade to export controls.  

AIA also hosts newsworthy public events, press conferences, and panels on pressing issues facing the aerospace and defense industry. Recent topics include promoting sustainable aviation fuels and building a resilient supply chain.

Paris Sustainability Panel
DepSecGraves Event_1
Melroy, Nelson, Kendall, Hunter, Eric in front of F-16

Convening with Congress

Members of Congress are champions of the American aerospace and defense industry in Washington, DC, and abroad, touting our role as job creators, our best-in-the-world equipment, and our cutting-edge technology. When Congressional delegations visit the air shows, AIA ensures they receive a 360-degree view of the event by receiving tours of the Department of Defense corral, meeting with businesses from their states and districts, and hailing the achievements of American industry.

Paris Senate Press Conference_2
Corral 2
House CODEL Press Conference

Celebrating American industry at signature events

AIA hosts the premier evening events for American delegations at international air shows. Providing a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle, our events bring together American industry with high-level government officials in a night (or two) of celebration. Learn more about how you can sponsor our events and showcase your company’s cutting-edge technology at an upcoming air show – it’s an investment in connecting with decision-makers and shaping the future of the American aerospace and defense industry.

Dubai Reception
2023 CODEL Luncheon_1
Paris President's Reception
IRC - Award Ceremony

Inspiring the next generation of aerospace engineers and scientists

AIA brings our signature STEM initiative, the American Rocketry Challenge (ARC), to the global stage each summer. The ARC National Champion team competes in the International Rocketry Challenge against teams from the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. Through this remarkable journey, American students hone their engineering and leadership skills, connect with an industry ripe with opportunity, and represent the bright future of American ingenuity and innovation. 

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