For America’s leading Aerospace and Defense companies, AIA membership is The Way to What’s Next. AIA represents nearly 340 high-technology manufacturers and suppliers across every sector and tier of the Aerospace and Defense industry. Our agenda is driven directly by the CEOs and senior managers of our member companies. Together, we work to shape regulatory and legislative policies and create networking opportunities through meetings, international air shows and an extensive network of councils, committees and working groups.

Our Members

“AIA excels at bringing all the industries' leaders together to address the challenges of the day and helps facilitate a common industry approach to said challenges.”-Ken Sharpe | Rolls-Royce North America

Full Membership

Full Membership in AIA brings you closer to your customers, potential customers, and competitors. Full Membership provides your company access to all of the Association’s meetings, events, and services. Learn more about the benefits of Full Membership and how AIA can help grow and protect your business.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership brings you closer to customers, potential customers, and competitors by providing your company value through participation in the Supplier Management Council (SMC). Learn more about the benefits of Associate Membership and how AIA can help grow and protect your business.

Supplier Management Council

AIA’s Supplier Management Council (SMC) is a unique, non-attributional forum where senior supply chain representatives from system integrators and manufacturers tackle issues that impact the aerospace and defense supply chain. Open to both Full Members and Associate Members, the Council’s mission is to integrate and focus the collective capabilities of the supply chain, at every level, to influence the strategies, policies, and regulations that enable the U.S. aerospace and defense industry to successfully compete in the global market, be profitable, and strengthen the U.S. position as the world leader.

The SMC hosts three meetings a year that bring together more than 250 of the industry’s supply chain leaders from system integrators and manufacturers.

For more information and questions about the SMC, contact Ben Stone, Vice President of Membership.


Ben Stone

Vice President, Membership and Strategic Development

Christopher Carnahan

Assistant Vice President, Standards

Sherry Epperson

Director, International Programs

Tiffany Brumfield

Manager, Database and Membership Operations

Alex Merker

Manager, Industry Research & Analysis

Nathaniel Phillips

Standards Engineer