Manager, National Aerospace Standards

Purpose: This position is responsible for managing the publication process, electronic maintenance and distribution of National Aerospace Standards (NAS). Oversees the execution of the mandatory 5-year review process for the NAS library that requires a production rate of 300 standards per year. Manages the detailed transactions with the National Aerospace Standards Committee (NASC) throughout the various steps of the standards process from project initiation through final publication. Supports standardization activities of AIA.

Nature and Scope of Work: 

Reporting: This position reports to the Director, Standardization

Typical Duties include but are not limited to: 
• Managing the review, approval and publication process for standards developed by AIA committees
• Registering NAS Standards with the Library of Congress for copyright
• Maintaining NAS Master Archive and Standards Database (SharePoint environment)
• Fielding standards related inquiries to AIA
• Writing articles for AIA monthly newsletter on NAS standards activities as needed
• Supporting standards development activities and outreach with other organizations

Support of the National Aerospace Standards Program Activities as follows:
• Serve as the Executive Secretary of the National Aerospace Standards Committee (NASC) in accordance with NASC Handbook requirements.
o Support NASC Steering Committee workload via teleconference; prepare agendas, meeting notes, and follow-up action items.
o Provide guidance to the committee on NASC Handbook and other AIA policies
o Manage NASC Technical Advisor approval process and annual invoicing
o Maintain balloting schedule for 5-year reviews; provide oversight for admin staff
o Manage project approval process and provide working files to sponsors
o Attend and support at least 3 off-site meetings per year (travel required); record meeting minutes
• Support standards development activities and outreach with AIA Member Companies, government liaisons and technical advisors
• Generate management reports on all NAS Standards activities
• Manage NASC meeting budget approval process, site selection, contract negotiation, meeting announcement/RSVPs, on-site hotel coordination, review of hotel bills
• Maintain multiple software systems (for balloting, on-line collaboration, document posting, and roster maintenance)
• Coordinate with AIA Standards Engineer on 5-year review of all NAS standards
• Collaborate with AIA staff members on development/maintenance of standards throughout AIA
• Develop marketing collateral to promote program at meetings and events

• 4 year college degree required.
• SES AStd certification preferred.
• Excellent interpersonal, research, and communications (verbal and written) skills. 
• Experience in standards development, project management, standards publishing, and meeting planning/hotel coordination. Knowledge of standardization policy issues.
• Ability to work within large groups with divergent views to build consensus and unity.
• Capable of making tactical decisions related to the above duties independently.

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