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AIA Applauds repeal of “Blacklisting Rule”

Today, the Aerospace Industries Association lauded the official repeal of the so-called “Blacklisting Rule.”  AIA was part of the initial coalition to remove this jobs-killing regulation, taking action to urge for the repeal, and joining in a letter to House members to push for congressional action on the matter. “This repeal represents a positive step in eliminating one of […]

AIA Organizes Workforce Panel at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Meeting

As part of AIA’s commitment to growing and retaining a robust workforce, AIA Director for Workforce and Industrial Base Policy Robin Thurman organized a lively aerospace and defense industry panel called “Bridging the Gap: From Classroom to Corporate World,” as part of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Chancellors and Presidents gathering in Washington […]

AIA Supports Withdrawal of Blacklisting Rule

The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order 13673, more commonly referred to as the Blacklisting Rule, imposes onerous new burdens on federal contractors by requiring them to disclose violations and alleged violations of the following 14 federal labor laws and their state equivalents when bidding on federal contracts and continuing every six months while […]

Smart Regulation: A Collaborative Approach

Since taking office, President Trump has taken aim at overregulation. Two actions in particular – Executive Orders curbing new government regulations for 60 days and requiring agencies to eliminate at least two existing regulations for every new rule – have drawn a lot of attention to the way government regulates American industry. AIA’s longstanding call […]

Weather Satellites Critical for Society, Modern Economy

If you haven’t seen your favorite weather forecaster on the local news this week, that’s because many of them were attending the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Seattle.  At this gathering, 4,400 scientists, educators, students, and other professionals from across the weather, water, and climate community came to discuss the latest developments […]

AIA’s Melcher Featured in ‘Vital Speeches of the Day’

In December, 2016 AIA’s President and CEO, Dave Melcher addressed members of the aerospace and defense industry press at our annual AIA Aerospace and Defense Media Luncheon. His speech touched on innovation in our industry, political and economic trends shaping the environment in which we operate, and AIA’s strategic priorities for 2017. Vital Speeches of […]

LA Times: To compete with Silicon Valley for engineers, aerospace firms start recruitment in pre-kindergarten

AIA’s Robin Thurman, Director, Workforce Policy and Dan Stohr, Director, Communications spoke to a Los Angeles Times reporter, Samantha Masunaga, on the challenge aerospace companies are facing competing for young engineers against the lure of tech companies in Silicon Valley, other tech centers and the auto industry.  A&D companies have long been involved in college […]

Honoring the Crew of Apollo 1

As time passes, there are a few signal events that people of all walks life will remember and vividly tell you exactly where they were and what they felt when they first heard the news or watched the event unfold. For my generation, one of those signal events was the triumphant landing on the moon […]

Uber’s Flying Car Vision Won’t Fly Without NextGen

As first posted in Air Transport World, Nov. 23, 2016 Uber’s recent report outlining its vision for the potential of autonomous flying cars has captured the imagination of city dwellers and commuters worldwide. Who wouldn’t enjoy care-free flying in ten years that eliminates gridlock at 200mph? The image of effortless, on-demand, point-to-point flight is intriguing.  […]

Aerospace Industries Association’s Civil Aviation Environmental Committee approves Hazardous Material Management Target List Update

On Oct 31, 2016, AIA released the first revision of National Aerospace Standard 411-1 (“NAS411-1”), Hazardous Material Target List (“HMTL”). The HMTL is a list of chemical substances subject to restrictions and/or reporting requirements related to military systems developed under defense acquisition and related service contracts. The HMTL is intended to be used within a […]

AIA Continues Campaign Outreach Effort

AIA’s outreach efforts to the U. S. political campaigns will continue straight up to voting day. Every major election is important to our industry, and this one is no different. In August, an industry team briefed informal national security policy advisors to the Clinton presidential campaign at AIA’s Washington, DC office. In June, the same […]

AIA/ASD release S5000F International specification for in-service data feedback

AIA/ASD release S5000F, Issue 1.0 International specification for in-service data feedback The Aerospace Industries Association and the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) released S5000F, Issue 1.0 “International specification for in-service data feedback,” at the 2016 S1000D User Forum and the S-Series Specification Day on September 29, 2016. “This specification is a product of our collaboration with […]