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AIA Supports DOD’s Innovation Partnership With Industry

America’s potential adversaries are developing significant military capabilities and doing so faster than ever. To stay ahead, DOD must revamp the stilted defense acquisition system that AIA member companies are required to navigate; it also must draw from the full range of American technology and expertise from all sectors of the marketplace to effectively drive […]

AIA Plans Busy Week at International Paris Air Show.

As you pass the AIA Operations Center at the International Paris Air Show, there’ll be no shortage of activity. We’ll be supporting the DOD Corral again this year, and we have a full slate of aircraft on static display. We’ll also be hosting several receptions and roundtables. Finally, we’ll round out the week with the […]

Perkins Legislation Critical to Ensuring a Robust A&D Workforce

The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (H.R. 5587) overwhelmingly passed out of the House Education and Workforce Committee on May 17. Commonly referred to as “Perkins” – as it reauthorizes the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act – the bill is a major step forward in bringing common […]

The Updated Product Certification Guide: A New Approach to Industry & FAA Teamwork

A normal certification process for a transport aircraft typically lasts 5-7 years based on complexity of the design and the number of new and novel technologies introduced.  Although the key steps of certification process have not changed over the years, FAA and Industry have defined new methods of performing those processes without compromising the safety […]

Congratulations to the TARC 2017 Champions!

Congratulations to our 2017 Team America Rocketry Challenge winners, Festus High School of Festus, Mo. They bested 100 teams from around the country to take home a package of scholarships and prizes worth more than $20,000. They’ve also won the opportunity to represent the United States at the International Rocketry Challenge at the International Paris […]

AIA sends letter to leadership of Budget Committees on BCA Caps

On May 11, 2017, AIA sent a letter signed by AIA Chairman and Chairman, President and CEO of the Boeing Company Dennis A. Muilenburg; AIA Vice Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Raytheon Company Thomas A. Kennedy; and AIA President and CEO David F. Melcher, urging Budget Committee Chairs and Ranking Members in the House […]

Aerospace and Defense Industry Remains a Leader on Environmental Stewardship

America’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) companies care a great deal about environmental stewardship.  Long before the Paris Accords were agreed to, American A&D was searching for ways to improve its environmental footprint and make flying as efficient as possible.  Today, we remain proud to lead the way on environmental sustainability, capitalizing on the innovation at […]

Slazer Remarks at House Aerospace Caucus event

Engine for Growth: Analysis and Recommendations for U.S. Space Industry Competitiveness Remarks as prepared for AIA Vice President for Space Systems Frank Slazer before House Aerospace Caucus Thank you and good afternoon. The Aerospace Industries Association, with over 330 members, includes companies who were present at the dawn of the space age 60 years ago, as […]

“We have met the enemy and he is us”

“We have met the enemy and he is us!” Thinking of space reminds some people of the 1960’s – when Walt Kelly’s cartoon character, Pogo, gave us this immortal phrase. Unfortunately, in the 21st Century, this phrase is truer than ever when it comes to being competitive globally in space activities; the US – far […]

A Census that Matters: Aerospace and Defense Workforce Study Launched

American citizens depend upon the highly skilled and dedicated men and women who make up our aerospace and defense workforce to help them fly safely, keep our country secure, and to provide the sustained innovation that results in continued U.S. leadership in the global economy. Our workforce is a valued national asset that can’t be […]

Defense Related Associations Urge Passage of Full FY17 Defense Bill

Today, the Aerospace Industries Association joined with other associations representing the defense sector and its personnel in calling on congressional leaders to complete full defense appropriation bill.  In a letter signed by AIA President and CEO David F. Melcher, leaders of the Defense Related Associations stated “We urge immediate passage of FY 17 defense funding, […]

Two Moments in History and Today’s Security Cooperation Challenge

Americans don’t often regard April 6 as a significant date in our nation’s history, but today we remind ourselves that exactly one-hundred years ago, the House of Representatives joined the Senate in supporting President Woodrow Wilson’s April 2, 1917 request for a declaration of war against Germany. Congress’s approval of the declaration of war against […]