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October 27 - 27

BOG Signature Webinar Series: U.S. Export-Import Bank - Supporting the A&D Supply Chain

On Tuesday, October 27th at 10:00AM EDT, the Aerospace Industries Association will host officials from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) for a discussion on  the role the bank plays in supporting the aerospace industry’s supply chain. At a time when access to liquidity is especially critical for the A&D supply chain, this webinar  will include an overview of EXIM programs designed to provide suppliers, particularly small businesses, with access to capital and financing ...

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October 28 - 28

BOG Signature Webinar Series: China and the Aerospace Industry: U.S. and the European Reactions

China looms large on the world stage economically, politically, and militarily. Their policy pronouncements (e.g. the Belt and Road Initiative and the Digital “Silk Road”) place them in competition with the U.S. and European nations on a variety of issues as Chinese competitors enter the aerospace markets traditionally served by U.S. and European firms. However, government responses are not uniform and the remedies to address this competition have been varied.On Wednesday, October 28, the A...

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October 29 - 29

BOG Signature Webinar Series: A Conversation with FAA Administrator Dickson

Thursday, Oct 2910:00am - 10:40am EDT The financial and operational impacts of COVID-19, compounded by pre-pandemic aircraft groundings, have been devastating to the commercial aviation industry and the shared aerospace and defense supply chain. While government and industry work together to highlight prevention, protection, and safety solutions to help mitigate further impacts and restore confidence in air travel, critical regulations and new technology programs must also move forward.On Th...

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December 3 - 4

Virtual 2020 Fall Board of Governors & Membership Meeting

Join us for the virtual 2020 Fall Board of Governors & Membership Meeting, on December 3 – 4.   To complement the December virtual BOG meeting, AIA is offering a webinar series Oct 5 - Nov 30 for all members. This series features key government officials and industry experts speaking on the current state and future of the industry. The webinars offer an opportunity to hear directly from these leaders, and a chance to ask your own questions during Q&A sessions. For more informatio...

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