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2021 Facts & Figures

The COVID-19 pandemic took an immense toll on America and the world last year, causing significant and tragic losses to human lives.


2020 Facts & Figures

AIA is proud to publish its annual ‘Facts & Figures: U.S. Aerospace & Defense’ report, which has traditionally served as a year-in-review for industry statistics.


2019 Facts & Figures

Our “2019 Facts & Figures: U.S. Aerospace & Defense” analysis highlights an eight-year trend of sustained growth, culminating in 2018 sales exceeding $929 billion and a trade surplus of nearly $90 billion.


2018 Facts & Figures

The Aerospace Industries Association is pleased to publish the “2018 Facts & Figures: The U.S. Aerospace & Defense Industry,” with the support of IHS Markit, to offer a snapshot into the health of our dynamic industry.


2017 Facts & Figures

Today, America’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is a thriving sector that embodies the best of our nation. Whether making our …

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