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The Aerospace & Defense Industry in New Mexico

Aerospace & Defense Workforce in 2019

Total Jobs Supported By A&D in New Mexico3,536
Direct Employment1,956
Supply Chain Employment1,580
New Mexico’s Share of the National A&D Workforce0.16%
Average Wage of an A&D Employee in New Mexico$82,904
Total Wages Paid Out to A&D Employees (In Millions)$293

Sales and Economic Output (2019)

Total Economic Output (In Millions)$1,022
A&D’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Contribution (In Millions)$489
Direct Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Contribution (In Millions)$756
Supply Chain Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Contribution (In Millions)$265
A&D’s GDP Contribution as a Percent of Total State GDP0.47%
State & Local Tax Contribution (In Millions)$20
Federal Tax Contribution (In Millions)$58

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