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The PSC represents AIA on matters concerning the adoption and execution of effective life cycle product support concepts. The PSC serves as an effective two-way communications vehicle between the Office of the Secretary of Defense, DoD service components, government agencies and Industry. The committee focuses on providing the government with collective Industry consensus viewpoints, and recommendations on lifecycle product support concepts, business processes, policies, plans, programs, requirements, technologies, problems, implementation or impact of pending legislation, policy, regulations, and procedures. Through these mutually beneficial relationships, substantiated readiness data is reviewed to support the removal barriers and influence implementation of effective product support and acquisition initiatives, business practices, and technologies. The PSC acts as convener with the DoD to promote future development and adoption of S1000D, ‘the international technical 10 publication specification’ and the S-Series Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) specifications.


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Arlington, VA 22209-3928