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AIA Welcomes FY19 Appropriations Deal

Arlington, Va. — We welcome Congress completing Fiscal Year 2019 appropriations to avoid another costly government shutdown and ensure key government responsibilities can be executed for the rest of the fiscal year. We strongly urge President Trump to sign it into law immediately. “We’re just beginning to recover from the 35-day shutdown,” said AIA President […]

AIA Joins Aviation Groups urging workforce grant funding

AIA joined a letter from 40 aviation industry groups urging Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and OMB Director Mick Mulvaney to request full funding from Congress for two new grant programs established under the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. The programs are designed to help offset critical manpower shortages among pilots and maintenance technicians in the […]

AIA Calls on Government Leaders to Finalize FY19 Spending and Avoid Another Shutdown

Arlington, Va. — The Aerospace Industries Association welcomes the short-term government funding agreement to get government operations back on track and restore stability to the hundreds of thousands of federal employees and supporting contractors who bore the unacceptable burden of the shutdown. But this is a temporary response to a problem that needs a lasting […]

AIA Joins Six-Association statement on Security Clearances

AIA has joined a six-association statement supporting Senator Mark Warner’s stance that federal employees who are missing paychecks because of  the government shutdown should not be penalized on security clearance applications, reinvestigations or continuous evaluations. A key element of security clearance evaluations and determinations of trustworthiness is financial considerations. Federal employees and contractors that are […]

AIA Joins letter urging end to shutdown

The Aerospace Industries Association joined a letter signed by more than 90 national organizations and dozens of state organizations calling for an end to the shutdown. “The current shutdown – now the longest in American history – is causing significant and in some cases lasting damage to families, businesses, and the economy as a whole. […]

AIA joins aviation and space coalition letter calling for end to shutdown

More than 30 organizations across the aviation and space transportation sectors have joined a letter urging our elected leaders to end the partial government shutdown. “As the partial government shutdown continues, the human and economic consequences are increasing and doing greater harm. Civil aviation alone supports more than 7 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) and […]

AIA Welcomes Missile Defense Review

Arlington, Va. — Today’s release of the 2019 Missile Defense Review, highlighted by President Trump’s speech, is a welcome commitment by the Administration to improve America’s missile defenses. We look forward to learning more details when the President’s Budget Request is released later this year. “Budget constraints and shifting missile defense priorities have hampered the […]

AIA Welcomes Section 809 Panel Report

Arlington, Va. — AIA applauds today’s release of the Volume III Report from the Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations (‘Section 809 Panel’). Since its establishment by Congress in 2016, AIA has recognized the Section 809 Panel as a critical resource in the effort to foster innovation, limit costs and barriers, and accelerate […]

AIA: Shutdown Impacting Industry and Government Partners

Arlington, Va. — As the partial government shutdown stretches past the holidays, we strongly urge Congress and the President to reach an immediate resolution and reopen the affected agencies. “About 800,000 federal workers are furloughed or working without pay,” said AIA President and CEO Eric Fanning. “That imposes an unconscionable burden on these hard-working Americans […]

AIA Lauds Service of Secretary of Defense Mattis

Statement by AIA President and CEO Eric Fanning commending Gen. James Mattis’ decades of service to America. Arlington, Va. — Jim Mattis’ service as Secretary of Defense has been marked by principled leadership, a clear-eyed National Defense Strategy, and a commitment to supporting that strategy with sufficient and stable funding. He vigorously pursued counter-terrorism efforts […]

AIA Calls on President Trump and Congress to Reopen Government

Arlington, Va. — Shutting down portions of the government takes unnecessary risks and imposes needless delays on key government programs. America needs an immediate bipartisan solution that fully funds the government for the rest of Fiscal Year 2019. “We strongly urge Congress and the President to reach an agreement and reopen the closed agencies as […]

AIA Welcomes U.S. Space Command Announcement

Arlington, Va. — We welcome the Administration’s continued focus on space and its importance to our national security. The newly announced U.S. Space Command has the potential to strengthen the United States’ ability to address the growing threats we face. But we must ensure that the process to stand it up is integrated with the […]

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