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Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) President and CEO Eric Fanning today commended Congress for passing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24 NDAA).  

“In order to support the country’s national security strategy, the U.S. defense industrial base relies on Congress – and the U.S. government as a whole – to be a reliable partner and send clear demand signals,” Fanning said. “This year’s National Defense Authorization Act does just that and expands upon key industry objectives, many for which AIA long advocated. This NDAA bolsters U.S. deterrence capabilities with meaningful policy that strengthens America’s warfighting ability and draws us closer to our allies and partners. Bipartisan commitment to AUKUS, expand national security in space, and build capacity – all while increasing interoperability between industry and the Department of Defense – underscores the United States’ strong investment in our nation’s defense.  

“AIA is grateful to Congress for their strong support for national defense and urges President Biden to sign this bill into law quickly.”  

Last week, AIA touted key industry wins in the NDAA conference report.  

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