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Arlington, Va. (April 2, 2024) – Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) President and CEO Eric Fanning today released the following statement on the Department of Defense’s first-ever Commercial Space Integration Strategy:

“The commercial space industry has always been a critical contributor to our national security and American way of life, so we appreciate the Administration’s focus on promoting and integrating the space industry across the Department of Defense. With the rapid pace of change in the space industry, it is crucial for the Department of Defense to support and integrate new capabilities and services to support the warfighter.

“The Aerospace Industries Association will continue to bridge the gap between government and industry to follow through with the new strategy.

“Our shared goal is delivering more space-based capabilities to warfighters around the globe, as well as having resilient architectures able to operate through a contested environment. As an important partner of the space industry, the Department of Defense should continue to find ways to on-board new capabilities and services to take full advantage of the unique benefits that can be leveraged from the space domain. Space must be integrated into all-domain operations and seamlessly provide information and services to maintain America’s competitive edge.

“We thank Dr. Plumb and his team for their hard work and engagement on this topic, and we look forward to working with both the Department of Defense and Congress on its implementation.”


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