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Arlington, Va. – Today, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) virtually convened its 2020 Spring Board of Governors meeting, which brought together several leaders from aerospace and defense. As the industry continues to help lead the nation’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, AIA President and CEO Eric Fanning released the following statement:

“As we plan for recovery, the needs of the American people and our economy are coming into sharper focus. The aid provided so far was helpful and appreciated; however, there is still more we can do to support a full recovery.

“Today, our Board of Governors met virtually to assess the impact on our employees, businesses, supply chain, and industry. The situation is improving, but it remains serious. Our members agree there are several additional actions that can be taken to address different dimensions of the challenge. Protecting jobs through innovative proposals like private-public partnerships can help to preserve our industry’s highly skilled and specialized workforce. Targeted and temporary liability protections would also help remove a major obstacle to recovery. Expanding criteria for CARES Act programs will also help multiply its reach for companies of all sizes. Timely appropriations, flexibility in the use of funds, and continued streamlining of the defense contracting process will help to sustain the supply base, keep critical programs on track, and promote resiliency for our industry and the American economy. We look forward to working with federal agencies and Congress to incorporate these ideas into legislation.”


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