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Whether they are developed for educators or manufacturers, new standards can help advance the aerospace and defense industry. That’s why on July 8, AIA’s National Aerospace Standards published new standard NAS9945, Airworthiness Engineering Training and Education.

NAS9945 will help both American aerospace education programs and design, manufacturing, and maintenance organizations develop and implement airworthiness training for everyone involved with the certification or continuing airworthiness of aircraft. By identifying guidelines, expectations, and curricula, we’re able to provide high quality training and education to enhance aviation safety.

“We’re thrilled to publish this much needed standard,” said Rusty Rentsch, AIA’s Vice President of Technical Operations and Standards. “We believe that this standard will lead to a broader and deeper pool of talent in airworthiness and will promote the establishment of educational programs that ensure airworthiness best practices are instilled in the aerospace workforce.”

This standard provides commonly recognizable sets of requirements and qualifications needed to effectively function within areas of airworthiness engineering and certification at any professional level. To continue the advancement of airworthiness training, AIA has planned four additional standards on:

  • Airworthiness Engineering Academic Curricula (NAS9945-1);
  • Civil Aviation Airworthiness Training (NAS9945-2);
  • Military / Defense Aircraft Airworthiness Training (NAS9945-3);
  • Emerging Technology Airworthiness Training (NAS9945-4).

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