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Arlington, Va. Sept. 13, 2023 – The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) today released a new agenda outlining priorities to enhance international cooperation in advanced, emerging, and foundational technologies in aerospace and defense, including artificial intelligence (AI), space systems, cyber, hypersonic capabilities, unmanned aerial systems, and electronic warfare.  

“Emerging and advanced technologies are fundamentally reshaping the 21st-century battlefield, and the United States, alongside its allies and partners, must work closely with the aerospace and defense industry to win the escalating technology race,” said AIA President and CEO Eric Fanning. “AIA’s new agenda provides a roadmap for a more competitive regulatory and trade environment for these new technologies that will help the United States maintain our strategic advantage over potential adversaries.” 

With the rise in global tensions, including the conflict in Ukraine and challenges in the Indo-Pacific, it is more important than ever for industry to have regulatory clarity in a technology-focused world. Focusing on the critical partnership between the U.S. government, its allies and partners, and the A&D industry, the agenda highlights steps needed to create a policy and regulatory environment that promotes cooperation on key strategic, emerging, and advanced technologies. 

Specific recommendations to promote U.S. global leadership in advanced capabilities include:  

  1. Advancing U.S. leadership in emerging and advanced capabilities cooperation with allies and partners as a national security imperative. 
  1. Incentivizing exports and ensuring U.S. government policy and regulation enables American industry global leadership in emerging and advanced capabilities.  
  1. Reducing barriers to cooperation on emerging and advanced capabilities with the United States’ closest allies and partners.  
  1. Continuing U.S. leadership in international standards and norm setting. 
  1. Investing in and strengthening the resilience of the A&D supply chain through inclusive policies.  

Click here to read the full report.  


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