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The COVID-19 pandemic presents the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry with new challenges, requiring the industry to use new, innovative tactics to ensure the safety of our employees and deliver our products on time. To meet this need, the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) issued an interim job aid on March 30, that provides guidance on remote product conformity verification and surveillance risk assessments for Department of Defense (DOD) contractors.

With numerous contracts across the A&D industry, DCMA must verify that companies have built products per their contract. This verification usually requires an onsite inspection at several points of the construction and manufacturing process, which the health crisis has made more difficult. But through remote verification, DCMA can conduct its inspections without having to travel to the location, protecting the inspectors and contractors’ employees.

To help DCMA and our industry shift towards remote verification, AIA’s Quality Assurance Committee developed a new National Aerospace Standard, NAS413 Remote Verification Implementation Guidance, to help companies innovate ways to inspect products, all while keeping our workforce safe.

NAS413 provides recommendations for the use of real-time and captured surveillance verification technologies (SVT) to perform remote product verification. The standard also recommends how to engage with DCMA to use remote verification and encourages companies to evaluate current and future business systems to ensure the secure and effective exchange of verification and surveillance data.

Remote verification is a game-changing innovation that will not only protect our employees and government partners throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but also save taxpayer money on employee travel through efficient technology.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, AIA is offering NAS413 with a limited time 100 percent discount using the code P8375 during checkout in the AIA standards store. If you need assistance accessing NAS413, please contact the IHS Markit sales department [email protected] or 1-877-413-5184 (+1-303-397-7956 if outside the U.S.).

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