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5G is an ecosystem that includes the newest mobile connectivity innovation promising to revolutionize our lives. Once 5G is fully deployed, it has the potential to change the way our world connects and transform the way we live and do business. To realize that promise and deliver enhanced services to billions of people around the world, 5G runs on dedicated bands of radiofrequency spectrum.

America’s aerospace and defense industry has also long depended on their own dedicated portions of spectrum. Every time a plane takes off or a satellite is activated, they rely on that spectrum to perform.

The FCC has begun to look at allocating more spectrum to meet the increased demand for spectrum from new technologies. However, before the government allocates spectrum to new users or technologies like 5G, it requires caution and proper testing to ensure compatibility with technologies and systems already in place. It is critical that the government establish proper balances between allowing new users to operate on existing bands and protecting existing users within those bands.

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