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The Continued Airworthiness Assessment Methodology (CAAM) committee has been collecting and publishing datasets of propulsion safety-related events for the turbofan and turboprop commercial fleet for several decades. The team was tasked with surveying this safety data to:

  • Identify major contributors to severe events and match these against existing safety initiatives or existing rules.,
  • Document common themes and develop Lessons Learned,
  • Identify where additional industry safety initiatives would have significant potential to reduce the future severity and/or frequency of severe events, based on the broad fleet data.

The team was composed of engine and airplane manufacturers and regulators. They analyzed the causes and circumstances of the most severe events (complete in flight thrust loss, hull loss, or fatalities) in the most recently published dataset (2001-2012 turbofans and turboprops, the third CAAM dataset). This was done initially by subteams based on product type; aggregation of subteam results was used to develop conclusions and recommendations. Qualitative assessment of more recent events (2013 – 2016) verified similarities to the third CAAM dataset.

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