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Over the past quarter century, more than 300 commissions and studies have produced a variety of recommendations – some of which have become law – to change the way the U.S. military develops and buys new weapons systems. Yet the Department of Defense acquisition system continues to take longer and deliver less in quantity and capability while costs of modernization programs escalate.

AIA has taken a hard look at what is causing this problem to develop this issue paper about what was discovered to be a multi-faceted issue that largely revolves around extraneous and over burdensome policies, laws and regulations.

Solutions to reducing the burden include:

  • A more efficient and effective cost-benefit analysis program;
  • Better audit practices;
  • Reducing unaffordable burdens;
  • Expanding the use of commercial items;
  • New intellectual property rules; and
  • Having a reasonable expectation for contractor pay and compensation.

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