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Heritage Month Spotlight: Lourdes C. Palacio, Rolls-Royce

Lourdes C. Palacio, Technical Program Manager, Capability Acquisition & Design Services, External Research, Materials Engineering – DefenseRolls-Royce How did you get your start in the aerospace industry? After I graduated from college in Texas with a degree in Materials and Metallurgy Engineering, I moved to Indiana as a technical staff member for a consumer electronics […]

Heritage Month Spotlight: Ulises Vargas, Rolls-Royce

Ulises VargasManufacturing Engineering ManagerRolls-Royce How did you get your start in the aerospace industry? I was lucky enough to be recruited by Rolls-Royce when I graduated from college at the University of Texas Pan-American back in 2003. When I joined the company I started as a manufacturing engineer in in Indianapolis, Indiana. I remember that […]

NASA Appropriations – Focus on the Future

The innovations of the next 30 years will drive the way we move, connect, explore, and defend our nation. From a return to the moon and leap to Mars, to quiet and efficient supersonic flight, our future will be defined by our advances in space and aeronautics. Just as it’s done for more than 60 […]

At the Heart of Aerospace: San Antonio, TX

By Christopher Combs, Dee Howard Endowed Assistant Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio The city of San Antonio, unbeknownst to some, has a rich history in aviation with multiple military bases within the city limits, a strong local presence of aviation industry, and a legacy of aviation innovators and entrepreneurs. Take for example Dee […]

Heritage Month Spotlight: Juan Ricardo Gomez, DXC Technology

Juan Ricardo GomezClient ExecutiveDXC Technology How did you get your start in the aerospace industry? Growing up, I loved going to the airport to look at aircrafts taking off and landing. There was a cafeteria in the airport with an outdoor balcony with a great view of the runway. Rather than wanting to be a […]

Heritage Month Spotlight: Jay Malave, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, L3Harris Technologies

Jay MalaveSenior Vice President and Chief Financial OfficerL3Harris Technologies #HispanicHeritageMonth recognizes the deep historical connections of Hispanic and Latino communities in the U.S. and celebrates the many valuable contributions of individuals with Hispanic backgrounds. At this time of year, I often think about Roberto Clemente – a Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player. While […]

Budget Blog: Securing the Future of Civil Aviation

Packages delivered by drones, air taxis flying over traffic, and supersonic aircraft that can reach destinations in half the time. As illustrated in our report “What’s Next for Aerospace & Defense: A Vision for 2050,” the future of aviation is coming faster than anyone could have imagined. Our country took a major step towards that […]

Supersonic Aircraft: Views of the American Aerospace Industry

Since aircraft first took to the skies over 100 years ago, aviation has evolved from what was once a risky pursuit undertaken by hobbyists in experimental structures to the safest form of transportation in the world –carrying over 4 billion passengers per year. Despite this history of innovation and progress, there is one area of […]

Budget Blog Series: Funding the U.S. Defense Industrial Base

It’s that time of year again when Congress sprints to finish allocating funding for the next fiscal year. Between continuing resolutions (CRs) and the risk of a government shutdown, the constantly in flux nature of this process is problematic for many areas of our government, but especially when it comes to our national defense.   […]

USMCA: A Modern Agreement for the Digital Age

American aerospace products move people and goods around the world, make space exploration possible, and provide technological capabilities that impact daily life in countless ways. But how we move, connect, and live has changed dramatically over the last 25 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went into effect. That is one of […]

(Cyber)securing the Future of UAS Through Standards

We stand on precipice of a new era of aviation – one that will include drones and urban air mobility (UAM) revolutionizing the way goods are purchased, services are performed, and people are transported. The aerospace and defense industry is investing billions of dollars each year to ensure that the U.S. remains the global leader […]

Apollo 11: Fueling the Future of Space Achievements

On this day, fifty years ago, the crew of Apollo 11 returned to Earth following their successful – and historic – landing on the moon. This mission means a lot to the Aerospace Industries Association. Many of our members played significant roles in making the first moon landing possible, and more than 370,000 contractors from […]