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AIA – Aerospace Sales, Exports Continue Growth

As 2004 came to a close it brought good news for the U.S. Aerospace sector. Aerospace sales, orders, exports, and employment all increased significantly as defense-related industry categories showed robust growth.

Aerospace: Nowhere To Go But Up

As we come to the end of 2004 and look forward to the new business and political realities of the second half of this first decade of our new century there is much to do and much to ponder.

Risky Cuts

While signing the U.S. defense authorization bill last year, President George W. Bush reflected on the importance of preparing to meet the “threats of tomorrow.”

NASA Aeronautics Research Funding: The Wrong Direction

These are heady times for NASA, with an exciting new mandate to return man to the moon and keep going all the way to Mars. Elected leaders in Washington are backing up this new challenge with the all-important cash needed to make it a reality.

Letter to the Editor: U.S. Aeronautics in Danger

I applaud your editorial that sounded the alarm on the decline of NASA aeronautics funding (AW&ST;Jan. 30, p. 66). However, I fear your warning will not rouse the policy makers responsible for one of the most dramatic program erosions in recent memory.

Aerospace Going Full Throttle

The U.S. aerospace and defense industry is going strong this year, riding a wave of momentum from 2005 marked by strong business in the defense and space sectors and a wild flurry of commercial jetliner orders.

Letter to the Editor: Cost of Procurement

The Worldwide Defense Spending Forecast published Sept. 11 was informative. However, the article, “U.S. Military Expenditures Outpace All Other Nations; Continue to Rise,” contained misleading information.

Aerospace Industry Flying High

The U.S. aerospace industry is building on an extremely strong showing last year toward a near future marked by strength in every segment — commercial airliners, defense, and space. The industry was highly successful in 2006, with total deliveries projected to surpass $184 billion, up more than 8 percent from last year’s $170 billion.