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AIA Position StatementLook Toward the Future

As aviation’s sustainability is increasing, the industry at large has made significant commitments to meeting market demands for greener flights. There is currently a myriad of technologies in development such as hydrogen propulsion engines, battery technologies, and low-boom supersonic planes that will come to market in the future. Additionally, the demand for sustainability has already created new entrants to the market that will further innovate and make aviation accessible and sustainable to all.

Take Action Now

For industry to meet its goals of net zero by 2050 it is important for industry to receive support from regulators in our investment in the development of new technologies and industrial infrastructure including Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) pathways, which will be a critical interim solution that can bridge the gap to when zero emissions aircraft come to market. SAF produced from renewable and waste feedstocks will be critical to aviation’s ability to meet the net-zero goal. Additionally, operational improvements to flight pathways and air traffic management can reduce emissions produced by aircraft in service today.

AIA’s Role

AIA encourages practical regulations that foster new technological development in the realm of sustainability, and advocates for the continued funding for research and development in relevant Federal agencies surrounding important aspects of sustainability like engine and airframe efficiency, responsible noise standards for new and existing technologies, and operational improvements that encourages more efficient operations. We understand that a coordinated federal response will be crucial to meeting the critical environmental goal of net zero emissions by 2050 and will continue to engage with relevant policymakers in the FAA, NASA, DOE, USDA, and DOT to advocate for coordinated Federal investment in crucial programs like the Continuous Low Energy Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) program.

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