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AIA Position StatementLook Toward the Future

  • Identification, development (when necessary), maintenance, and promotion of suitable open interoperability standards and guidelines for voluntary use throughout the aerospace industry, based on existing international or national interoperability standards.
  • Improve information exchange practices that will enhance interoperability throughout the aerospace industry to eliminate divergent interoperability requirements and create user-friendly, cost-effective solutions.
  • Enhance end to end supply chain interoperability with focus on business, technical, and security capabilities.
  • Investigate best practices and plans to enable a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) by an enabling Model Based Definition (MBD) methodology.
  • Assure industry standards used for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) are current.

Take Action Now

  • Supply chain interoperability with focus on business, technical, and security capabilities may only be achieved though engagement from AIA member participation.
  • Enable a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) by empowering Model Based Design (MBD) methodology. Developed plan, with opportunities, should include opportunities to exploit MBD to enable digital threads throughout the Product Life Cycle. Select and initiate execution on projects from the plans with member participation.
  • Revise X12 EDI Standards in accordance with approved Aerospace Industry Conventions, Implementation Guidelines & Harmonized Business Examples for EDI.

AIA’s Role

AIA serves as both a convener and thought leader for aerospace and defense activity for enhancement of supply chain interoperability. Industry Subject Matter Experts responsible for the business processes management for our full and associate membership convene to identify opportunities to improve interoperability and identify standards that are being developed for that purpose.

Your Leadership ConnectionTechnical Operations Team

AIA’s technical operations leadership team is well-positioned to address members’ issues and advocacy needs.

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