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Distributed Ledger is a decentralized data system that maintains and records data. DLT can automate away inefficient manual processes. The use of DLT and Blockchain technology will increase assurance throughout the supply chain through provenance, cyber security, and overall risk mitigation, key priorities for the A&D industry. At this point in time this technology has matured enough that it is no longer perceived as a hype, moving in mainstream and early adoption. AIA has organized the Aerospace and Defense Distributed Ledger Consortium (ADDC) comprised of stakeholders with the goal of creating a minimum viable ecosystem (MVE) to promote DLT and blockchain in the following areas.

  • Location and availability of parts
  • Authenticity of parts
  • Certification of maintenance and flight personnel
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Expected Contract fulfilment, verification and payment
  • Expedited transfer of ownership of aircraft
  • “As Flying” Configuration’ of aircraft

AIA Position StatementLook Toward the Future

Expand the ADDC to include a broader collective of stakeholder representatives responsible for defining a balanced leadership Council and management structure for providing the strategic direction and operational requirements of the established ADDC. This leadership team is chartered to: design, develop, deploy, and sustain the MVE the intent of managing and advancing the use of DLT by providing guidance across the A&D sector. Provide governance for the Aerospace and Defense community and foster collaboration to advance the benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Take Action Now

  • Engage industry members and government/customer partners in leadership positions to align on key standards recommendations.
  • Recommend specific areas for A&D industry investment in blockchain, government engagement, and international collaboration.
  • Promote A&D blockchain positions at key industry and government forums.
  • Collaborate with other industry entities and key standards organizations to formulate a cohesive A&D direction and roadmap based on agreed standards.
  • Recommend how to structure governance bodies to manage compliance of emerging standards while facilitating the current rapid pace of innovation in blockchain.
  • Focus on aligning with standards organizations to advance critical A&D industry use cases while avoiding additional administrative or business process burdens.
  • Engage blockchain experts and consortia to discuss best practices and ensure our voice is included.

AIA’s Role

AIA speaks on behalf of A&D to promote uses of distributed ledger technology specific to our industry, and facilitate adoption of this emergent technology. AIA also protects the interests of the A&D industry by engaging with adjacent industry consortia resolving conflicting business rules that may affect A&D use-cases. Build trust amongst A&D ecosystem from supply chain to end consumer and enhances end-user experience.

Your Leadership ConnectionTechnical Operations Team

AIA’s technical operations leadership team is well-positioned to address members’ issues and advocacy needs.

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