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Arlington, Va. (Feb. 6, 2023) – The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) President and CEO Eric Fanning today released the following statement on the association’s priorities for the fiscal year 2024 president’s budget request:

“As the administration puts the finishing touches on its budget for the 2024 fiscal year, it is essential that the request reflects the fact that America’s national security is an enduring responsibility that requires adequate, stable, and predictable funding. With the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and other serious security threats on the horizon, we must ensure America’s deterrence capabilities are stronger than ever.

“Because of our world-class force and cutting-edge technologies, our enemies know that the advantage rests in our favor. The defense industrial base is a key part of that – giving our troops the equipment, weapons, and munitions needed to defer and, if necessary, defeat our adversaries. But given the existing demands on the industry, years of inconsistent policy and funding decisions, and a more recent set of challenges, including record high inflation, the defense industrial base is under enormous pressure. 

“Given this landscape, we continue to recommend that federal investment in national defense increases at a pace sufficient to meet the National Defense Strategy and address inflation. In addition, the ongoing situation in Ukraine has highlighted the need for additional investment in key munitions and production lines — not only to maintain our own stockpiles but also to support our allies and partners. In addition, continuing to expand multi-year contract authority will provide certainty and stability to industry to meet the national security needs of our country.

“Federal support for national security is not limited to the Department of Defense, and we also encourage the administration to prioritize American global leadership in aerospace and scientific innovation. 

“When Congress receives this year’s budget, we encourage them to prioritize the timely review and oversight of the request, and to prioritize consideration of annual appropriations bills under regular order. In no uncertain times, the worst thing for our national security and economy would be to abdicate this authority and ignore the very real threats facing our country.”


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