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For years, industrial spies, terrorists, cybersecurity researchers and cyber criminals have attacked the aviation sector. As one of the most complex and integrated systems of information and communications technology in the world, the global aviation system is facing the ongoing and continuous threat of a large-scale cyber-attack. Acknowledging today’s connectivity revolution, with the aviation cyber treat surface expanding exponentially due to rapid aviation connectivity growth and the ease of access to cyber tools and technologies, we must engage now with greater industry focus and vigilance to thwart cyber-criminals at all levels who would attempt to do harm.

The Civil Aviation Cybersecurity Working Group (WG) presents this report and the recommendations it contains to the AIA Civil Aviation Council as a result of a tasking at the Council meeting in April 2017. Specifically, these recommendations are actions AIA should take to address evolving threats to the commercial aviation system.

This requires promoting U.S. — and then international — government and industry stakeholder support in developing the following policy priorities:

  • An aviation engagement roadmap for addressing cybersecurity concerns;
  • Plans for improved secure interoperable connectivity for commercial aviation; and
  • Treatment of cyber-attacks on the aviation system as unlawful interference.

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