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Cybersecurity continues to gain importance within the aviation industry, driven by its relationship to safety as well as technological and societal forces. Aircraft, airports, and other elements of the air transport system are increasingly connected, supporting both a greater number of physical connections (wired and wireless) as well as a greater variety of protocols and services carried over those connections. This digitalization brings operational and maintenance efficiencies but also greatly increases the complexity of aviation systems and their exposure to cyber threats.

Industry is continuing to grow on the momentum established 5 years ago. Standards committees are continuing to work together to harmonize standards between the E.U. and the U.S. Participation in industry coordination by manufacturers, suppliers, and airlines remains strong as designers and operators across the globe work together to advocate for changes and collaborate on solutions. This report contains a wide array of recommendations to secure safety-critical systems across a range of crewed and remotely-piloted aircraft.

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