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National Security Space Acquisition Organizations

With rapid changes happening across the national security space enterprise within the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, AIA is highlighting the leading organizations that research...

How Continuing Resolutions Put America Last

How Automatic Spending Cuts Make America Less Secure

Securing the U.S. Aerospace and Defense Critical Minerals Supply Chain

The race for technological supremacy has rapidly increased demand for critical minerals and elevated market access as a top national security priority...

Utilizing the Tax Code to Incentivize Innovation

A pro-growth tax code is vital for innovation to flourish. Crucial research and development (R&D) activities support American jobs while bolstering our economic competitiveness and national defense. This year, Congress has the opportunity to correct...

Secure Our Satellites

The new infographic highlights the importance of satellites on our modern way of life, the threats they face, and why we need to protect them.

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