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Model-based approaches to design and the power of simulation have been woven into most conversations about the future of aerospace engineering and defense acquisition strategies. However, the data sources, associated analytics, and traditional approaches to evaluating key performance parameters for product support (e.g., reliability, availability, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization) are in the infancy of digital transformation. To achieve a future where model-based simulation is the core of product support analysis, this data must be integrated.

To address this challenge, standardize this data, and enable more seamless integration, the aerospace and defense industry created S-Series specifications. The S-Series bring together previously disconnected pieces of data into an internationally recognized order, based on Unified Modeling Language (UML). The S-Series provides both an overview of processes and analysis for creating product support data as well as a common data model for the organization and documentation of data across all product support activities. As a result, S-Series specifications provide an integrated, standards-based approach that enables the automated creation of logistics product data at the heart of defense and commercial systems.

This document provides a brief overview of the innovative S-Series Specifications and how they can be applied to critical systems used by the Department of Defense and beyond to increase operational readiness and maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout a product’s life cycle.

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