NAS Part Standards

NAS Part Standards in Digital 3D

AIA has partnered with IHS Markit and CADENAS PARTsolutions to offer authorized 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models of components based on critical National Aerospace Standards (NAS), providing a valuable new tool for engineers across the aerospace and defense industry to accelerate innovation, shorten design cycles, reduce costs, and engineer smarter. The NAS 3D CAD model library is available as an annual subscription through IHS Markit or PARTsolutions. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced modeling and design cycle times;
  • Improved engineering productivity;
  • Elimination of duplicated effort and rework;
  • Assurance of quality through the use of authorized CAD models;
  • Increased consistency in parts used on projects; and
  • Greater accuracy in bills of materials.

For more information about the NAS Part Standards in Digital 3D, please refer to the IHS Markit sponsored page.


Watch the Video on NAS Standards in Digital 3D

NAS Standards in digital 3D will help you manage costs, streamline production and gain the peace of mind that only industry standard parts can provide. This video will show you a sample of what you will get from NAS Standards in digital 3D and how these standards will streamline your manufacturing processes.