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S-Series Specifications Summary

In 1993, the allied nations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) introduced the need for developing a fully integrated suite of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) specifications that would exchange technical and product support data digitally across an interoperable common source data exchange medium. Below is the ILS data exchange ideology share during the 1993 NATO Acquisition Logistics workshop.

Today, all of these open-source specifications are released and available to the global market. The on-going development and governance of the S Series suite is joint international initiative managed by the S1000D and S-Series IPS Councils. These Councils and their Steering Committees are comprised of Industry members and DoD/MoD members belonging to the Aerospace Industries Association, Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe and the ATA e Business Program (on S1000D only).  Though these specifications were developed by three highly relevant aerospace associations for the A&D industries the utilization of the S-Series have been developed to be agnostic in application. (Maritime, Subsurface, Railway, Construction, Agriculture)


Benefits of Adopting the S-Series Open Source Specification

Improve Interoperability: 

  • Out-of-the Box UML models for all IPS processes/elements
  • Direct Mapping of Engineering models to IPS In-Service data
  • Data re-use across new, future and Legacy programs
  • Streamlined Configuration Management via digital metadata

Maximize data reuse:

  • Traceable analytical processes in a Model Based environment
  • Integrating all the Product Support elements​
  • Interfacing with Engineering data sources
  • Introducing In-Service Feedback which supports Data Analytics

Utilize throughout lifecycle:

  • Integrated Models from Design through Disposal
  • Easy to contract and tailorable
  • Supports Organic Work via standardized data and exchanges

Improve Operational Readiness and Advantage:

  • Digitally integrated Engineering and Product Support data
  • Model Based simulation increases Availability and Readiness Metrics
  • Use data at speed and scale:
    • agile open architecture
    • robust standards
    • tiered governance
    • information-advantaged workforce
  • Lowered cost of IPS documentation creation and sustainment

For more information on the S Series specifications, please contact Gery Mras at [email protected].

Download Open Source S-Series Specifications

The S-Series suite is comprised of the following specifications and can be downloaded for free at the following links:

  • SX000i: International specification for Integrated Product Support (IPS)
  • S1000D: International specification for technical publications using a common source database
  • S2000M: International specification for material management
  • S3000L: International procedure specification for Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
  • S4000P: International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive maintenance
  • S5000F: International specification for in-service data feedback
  • S6000T: International procedure specification for training analysis and design

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