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Download Open Source S-Series Standards

The S-Series suite is comprised of the following specifications:

  • SX000i: International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Product Support (IPS) specifications
  • S1000D: International specification for technical publications using a common source database
  • S2000M: International specification for material management – Integrated data processing
  • S3000L: International specification for Logistics Support Analysis – LSA
  • S4000P: International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive
  • S5000F: International specification for in-service data feedback
  • S6000T: International procedure specification for Training/TNA

Industry Collaboration

The S-Series suite is a joint project between the Aerospace Industries Association, Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe, and the ATA eBusiness Program (on S1000D).

Benefits of S-Series

  • Common architecture and data model (common attributes/element)
  • Standard PLCS driven data model
  • Common thread for defining using nomenclature
  • Single global data repository
  • Embraces systems engineering methodology
  • Support the escalation of product support strategy (design for maintenance – manufacturing for maintenance)
  • Single solution for product support data (buy in)
  • Data interoperability and integration in a global environment
  • Supports use of a standard proven process that enhances quality and data reuse as a way to capture metrics
  • Handbook to provide guidance
  • Supports LOTAR strategy

Your Leadership ConnectionStandards Team

AIA’s standards leadership team is well-positioned to address standard practices and part standards for the aerospace and defense industry.

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