Industry Issues

Emerging Aviation Technologies

As the Aerospace and Defense industry look towards the future, we are reimagining how goods and people will be moved, and services will be provided. Imagine placing an online order and the package being delivered to your door in less than two hours via drone, travelling from New York to London in 3.5 hours, or boarding an Urban Air Mobility Aircraft that travels above the traffic during your morning commute. These are just some of the innovations that will soon be possible thanks to our industry. Over the next 30 years, the aviation industry will change more than ever before, and our members are on the forefront of making that change a reality.

In order to achieve this vision for our future there are many steps needed from both a regulatory and policy perspective.  As industry creates the technology that will make this possible, we need regulators to work with us on ensuring the proper regulations are in place and that there is appropriate infrastructure in place to enable these new types of operations. This will provide industry with the certainty needed to continue to invest the billions of dollars needed to deliver these new technologies.

AIA directly engages on these topics with policymakers and key staff at government agencies through our dedicated Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Urban Air Mobility, and Supersonic Aircraft Subcommittees.


Karina Perez

Director, Unmanned and Emerging Aviation Technologies