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AIA Position StatementLook Toward the Future

The aerospace industry is entering a golden age of new and exciting technologies including Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) vehicles, supersonic commercial jets, and increased autonomy. With these exciting developments, advancements in the infrastructure, business models, and enabling architectures are also being realized. Connecting and integrating these new transportation modes will enable the average person to travel distances they would have never thought possible. 

Take Action Now

In the process of getting to this envisioned future industry needs to collaborate withpolicymakers to develop holistic plans and frameworks.  It is important these frameworks address not just technological challenges but also the necessary business model and workforce development that will breathe these technologies into operational reality. Furthermore, a regulatory environment that encourages innovation and enables access to capital is essential. The aerospace and defense industry needs regulators to be a leader in close collaboration with the industry in R&D and the advancement of safety parallel with new technology. 

AIA’s Role

In the steps towards the future of aerospace, AIA comprehensively engages with key policymakers to establish working relationships that foster collaboration. We prioritize sustaining technological advancement through advocating for R&D budget funding of key government programs in NASA, FAA, DHS, and DOD/DARPA that foster safe, efficient progress in the development and certification of innovative technologies. AIA also promotes close collaboration with public R&D both in terms of access to safety-critical information as well as national infrastructure such as wind tunnels and test facilities. AIA continues to promote investment in support of the future workforce via educational programs ranging from high school to college so that the future of the industry is sustained by a diverse set of qualified experts. 

Your Leadership ConnectionCivil Aviation Team

AIA’s civil aviation leadership team is well-positioned to address members’ issues and advocacy needs.

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