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Look Toward the Future

Modern global challenges necessitate an agile, predictable defense trade and security cooperation system that supports sharing of global security responsibilities by supplying full-spectrum capabilities to our allies and partners. U.S. national security and defense policy emphasizes supporting U.S. partners and allies in support of their own national security objectives to meet global security challenges and sustain a peaceful and cooperative international order.

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Take Action Now

With industry playing a critical, supportive role, this is an important time for predictable, efficient, and transparent policy and regulatory actions to achieve the goals of the National Defense Strategy and National Security Strategy. As global events generate demand for U.S. leadership and strengthened international partnerships, clear policy direction, modernized process management, and close collaboration with industry will ensure that the U.S. is in full partnership with its partners and allies.

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AIA’s Role

AIA offers our U.S. Government partners a unique, consensus-driven industry perspective on the global defense trade landscape in line with the identified priorities of U.S. national security strategies. We spread awareness of industry’s direct experiences as an essential element to successful U.S. defense trade and security cooperation with partners and allies. At AIA, we build strategic partnerships from Washington and beyond to ensure the aerospace and defense industry’s voice is heard on these issues.

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AIA’s technical operations leadership team is well-positioned to address members’ issues and advocacy needs.

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