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To advance U.S. foreign policy and national security interests, both U.S. industry competitiveness and access to international markets is critical, while balancing partners’ and allies’ increasing interests for their own domestic aerospace production.

Look Toward the Future

The demands for a growing list of cutting-edge, emerging technologies are outpacing the current U.S. commercial and defense trade policy and regulatory environments. America’s partners and allies are moving aggressively and the U.S. aerospace and defense industry, with support from our government regulatory partners, must keep pace. More robust consideration of U.S. industry competitiveness is needed by the U.S. government in its policies and strategies to address the increasingly competitive international landscape.

Aircraft Carrier

Take Action Now

AIA and its members continue to advocate for improved industry competitiveness policies so as not to limit or eliminate U.S. presence in critical regions around the world.

AIA’s Role

AIA and its members are at the forefront of fight to ensure worldwide competitiveness of U.S. aerospace and defense products. Whether its meetings with government leaders, the development of policy recommendations, or guiding AIA members in a competitive environment, AIA plays a critical part in ensuring overall U.S. aerospace and defense competitiveness remains a top-level issue for U.S. policymakers.

Your Leadership ConnectionInternational Affairs Team

AIA’s technical operations leadership team is well-positioned to address members’ issues and advocacy needs.

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