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Utilizing S-Series Specifications to Optimize Operational Readiness

This document provides a brief overview of the innovative S-Series Specifications andThis document provides a brief overview of the innovative S-Series Specifications and how they can be applied to critical systems used by the Department...

Digital Twin: Reference Model, Realizations & Recommendations

Digital Twins are continuously developed across a wide number of applications and industries. This paper is intended for practitioners interested in the development and implementation of Digital Twins as a means to realize value.

Emerging Needs and Considerations for Digital Engineering Software Tools

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry has vast supply networks and diverse products that require the interoperable exchange of data to support a 21st century digital transformation ecosystem. With the increased adoption of digital engineering...

A Senior Executive’s Starters Guide to Understanding Digital Transformation

We live in extraordinary times in which digitalization is radically changing the business, operations, and collaborative landscape across virtually every industry, government, and academic institution.  To meet the challenges of today...

IPS User Forum 2022

Event Summary The host of the IPS User Forum 2022 is the Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), which ...

A&D Supply Chain Series: Digital Transformation In the New Normal: How to Succeed in the COVID-19 World and Through Future Disruptions

This panel will discuss what companies, through digital transformation, need to do in the short, medium, and long term to ...

Key U.S. R&D Infrastructure to Maintain Aviation and Defense Industry Strength

The United States economy and national security is dependent by our country’s ability to innovate and drive new technologies. In a broad sense the emergence of new technology increases productivity, facilitates commercial trade, strengthens the U.S. defense lead over our adversaries.

AIA’s “2021 Facts & Figures” report details the pandemic’s impact on the A&D industries

Report also provides a glimpse at a post-pandemic recovery Arlington, VA – The COVID-19 pandemic took an immense toll on ...

Digital Transformation Best Practices

From 3D model designs of the next generation of space shuttles to the transfer and storage of trillions of data pieces around the world, the aerospace and defense industry has used digitalization to increase quality, performance, and profitability.

Prioritizing Safety Through Evolving National Aerospace Standards

For over 75 years, the Aerospace Industries Association has developed National Aerospace Standards that have shaped our industry, enabled innovation, ...

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