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Space Systems

Over the past 50 years, space systems and technologies have increasingly become a critical part of our nation’s economic, scientific and national security capabilities. Without space systems, U.S. military forces have reduced operational effectiveness, policymakers cannot make informed decisions about the nation’s security and economy and civil financial and communications capabilities are degraded or disrupted. Our space capabilities are a source of national pride and an investment in the science and R&D needed to maintain U.S. global competitiveness.

AIA Workforce Policy


2018 Facts and Figures

2017 was a very strong year for the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry. As you’ll see…

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2017 Facts & Figures


Today, America’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is a thriving sector that embodies the best of…

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Engine for Growth: Analysis and Recommendations for U.S. Space Industry Competitiveness


Having a strong domestic space industry is crucial to our nation’s economic vitality and security.…

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White Papers
Increasing Space Threats Require a Robust U.S. Response

From weather forecasts to ATMs, GPS to stock markets, agriculture to national security, we depend on…

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Restructuring Commercial Space Regulation

Commercial space has been an enabler for U.S. leadership in technology innovation and, given the…

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Spectrum: An important enabling element for commercial space activities

Electromagnetic Spectrum Use Supports a Vibrant Commercial U.S. Space Economy Reliable and interference-free access to…

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Councils and Committees


Frank Slazer

Vice President, Space Systems & Workforce Policy

Ashley Bander

Director, Space Systems

Jeremy Davis

Manager, Team America Rocketry Challenge

Peggy Boyd

Administrative Assistant, Civil Aviation & Space Systems