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Industry Collaboration

The Aerospace Industries Association is an ANSI-accredited Standards Developer. We are able to develop American National Standards in accordance with our accredited procedures, SGC-1, Development Procedures for National Aerospace Standards.

Current AIA American National Standard Working Groups (ANSWG)

NAS9947, Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Standard

NAS9947 Objective: Development of an AIA/NAS American National Standard for industry organizations that hold an FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).

Scope: This Standard will provide guidance and best practices for all of the ODA types as described in Order 8100.15:

  1. Type Certification ODA (TC ODA)
  2. Supplemental Type Certification ODA (STC ODA)
  3. Production Certification ODA (PC ODA)
  4. Parts Manufacturer Approval ODA (PMA ODA)
  5. Technical Standard Order Authorization Holder ODA (TSOA ODA)
  6. Major Repair, Alteration, and Airworthiness ODA (MRA ODA)

Interest Categories

(AIA needs more General Interest and Federal Government interest category participants):

  1. Producer: Associations and members of associations involved in aerospace design, production, certification, parts, and repair.
  2. User: All current ODA Holders and applicants for an ODA
  3. General Interest: For other private entities who utilize ODA programs
  4. Government: Employees of the federal government

If you would like to join an AIA ANSWG, please send an email to [email protected] with your request. Non-members should include a completed Non-Member Participation form with their request.

Your Leadership ConnectionStandards Team

AIA’s standards leadership team is well-positioned to address standard practices and part standards for the aerospace and defense industry.

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