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Evolving Defense Acquisition Through Digital Transformation – 1 Pager

The future threat landscape is becoming more agile and dangerous as our adversaries field new capabilities at an increased pace and complexity. New and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) swarm logic, multifunction digital electronics, cyber, and advanced anti-access area denial systems are all contributing to an increasingly lethal battle space.


2018 Facts & Figures

The Aerospace Industries Association is pleased to publish the “2018 Facts & Figures: The U.S. Aerospace & Defense Industry,” with the support of IHS Markit, to offer a snapshot into the health of our dynamic industry.


Fostering the Manufacturing & Defense Industrial Base of the Future

On July 21, 2017, President Trump issued Executive Order 13806, assessing and strengthening the manufacturing and defense industrial base and supply chain resiliency of the United States. The Executive Order recognizes “the ability of the United States to maintain readiness, and to surge in response to an emergency, directly relates to the capacity, capabilities and resiliency of our manufacturing and defense industrial base and supply chains.”


Reinvigorating the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base

American forces have been at war for more than 15 years. Combined with spending constraints imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA), our armed forces – and our industry – have come under significant strain.


2017 Facts & Figures

Today, America’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is a thriving sector that embodies the best of our nation. Whether making our …


Leveling the Playing Field: The EX-IM Bank & U.S. Manufacturing

In the wake of an uneven global economic recovery, countries are competing in an unprecedented race to create jobs and stimulate economic growth through increased exports. In this competition, not all countries abide by the same set of rules that the United States follows to support their companies’ exports.


Restoring Balance in the Defense Acquisition System

Over the past quarter century, more than 300 commissions and studies have produced a variety of recommendations – some of which have become law – to change the way the U.S. military develops and buys new weapons systems.


Defense Acquisition Reform: Moving Toward an Efficient Acquisition System

This report identifies the key elements of the DOD’s Efficiencies Initiative that are both doable and necessary. This report also identifies reforms to the system not included in the Efficiencies Initiative that we believe are necessary to ensure the ultimate beneficiary — the warfighter — has the tools needed at a cost that is acceptable to the taxpayer.

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